Session 2 : Pharast 1 - 6

The First Foray

  • Pharast 1
    Spent the rest of the day after defeating the bandits exploring the lands around Oleg’s Trading Post. It was generally peaceful and consists mostly of grassy plains.
  • Pharast 2
    Traveled west from Olegs in search of a river, and continued 12 miles, then stopped to explore the area of woods where the party encountered some unmarked bear traps. A mysterious apple dropped into a bear-trap Paige was examining which only startled her. After searching in vain for the source, they questioned a squirrel who told them about some faeries, named Tyg and Percival, who live in the area and are friendly to them but tell them to stay away from humans. The party found 10 beartraps, one of them was set off by the apple, and they placed a snare next to one. During the night, Zoro returned from his watch to find his sleeping bag filled with apples, but he didnt mention it.
  • Pharast 3
    Traveled west again and left the forest and entered plains again. Spent the day exploring the area, and found nothing of interest. Questioned a deer and found the river was south of their current location.
    -Kesten Garess and his group arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • Pharast 4
    Traveled southeast, back into the forest. Found the area where the thorn river ended in smaller streams and ponds. Explored the area and met Fletch near a trapper who was killed by a deadfall trap. On closer examination it appears the rope may have been chewed through. During the night Zoro found that his horse had an apple painted on its side. He failed to keep it secret.
  • Pharast 5
    Party was running low on rations and decided to return to Olegs. Travelled northeast 12 miles then east 24. Arrived at Oleg’s and met Kesten Garess who was sent to guard the trading post, he appears to have become friendly with Kaiseroo. Spoke to Oleg and picked up some info/quests ( Quest and Rumors).
  • Pharast 6
    Bought supplies (ACTUALLY DO THIS BEFOREHAND PLEASE) and requested a hunting dog to be brought from Restov.


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